Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Celebration Cake - It's Completed!

 The Cockerel that overlooks White Hart Lane from the roof of the stadium and appears on the chest of Tottenhams shirt.

So here it is, the cake you have all been waiting for. Regular readers will know that I am no artist, all of that gene went into my older brother who is so artistic he can draw trees by drawing “where they aren't”. I kid you not!!!

We were set the task to decorate our fruit cakes with a celebratory theme... birthday, Christmas, spring... anything.

I decided to go for a Tottenham Hotspur Football Club themed cake. “The Mighty Lilly Whites” as they are sometimes referred have been my team of choice since I was about 6yrs of age. There have been many 'downs' and only a couple of intermittent 'ups' in the history of the club since I have been a fan... unlike the glory days my father reminds me of from time to time that occurred well before I was born.

 Team colours, white home strip, navy away strip and yellow third strip.

With 'Spurs' doing so well so far this season, a cake to celebrate the club is as fitting a testament as any... well to me at least!

To make things a little more interesting, a classmate from “the other group” on my course is a fan of our arch rivals and nemesis Ar5ena1. In case you are wondering, they are known as Ar5ena1 (rather than Arsenal) after we whipped their asses 5-1 a few seasons ago in semi-final of the Carling Cup. Just so you know! ;-)

So onto the pictures... I have also included some other cakes by my classmates (I have asked their permission to post them here), you can generally tell whether the cake was made by a male or female classmate by the themes and finesse... and a couple of them to me are truly stunning.... Let me know which is your favourite.
My tribute to Tottenham, Audere Est Facere... To dare is to do... and I did!

Cake celebrating arch rivals ar5ena1.

Steffi's tribute to Tiffanys the jewlers... talk about high maintenance!

Oscar themed.

"Under the sea" Birthday cake.

Cake by Biddi, a former sculptor, not that you can tell in the slightest!  Awesomeness!

Robs tribute to..... I'll double check and get back to you!

 Vanessa's floral beauty!

 Matts cake was about celebrating the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge... complete with piss head!

 I think this was Mihai's cake, big problems in Romania with volcanoes and dragons apparently!



  1. Good work on your cake Dylan. I think you've done an excellent job!
    As a mum, I have to say I love the volcano cake, the Tiffany cake is lovely (not that I have ever owned something from Tiffany in my life), but the cake by Biddi is amazing - it does not look like a cake.

    If I was picking a cake to be delivered to my house it would be the volcano cake - perfect for a family with young kids!

    I am so intrigued by Rob's celebration cake, do let us know what his theme was...I can't work it out.

  2. Dylan, girls win hands down :)

    The decoration by Biddi is truly fantastic like the one from Vanessa.

    By the way, I'd be interested in reading a bit about menu design and all it's aspects (maybe you could point to me some stuff I could read as well)

    Have fun!

  3. What a wonderful set of cakes!!!!!Yous is beautifully done. Very professional and elegant but all the footballers would love it!

  4. Wow....what beautiful cakes! I'm utterly impressed!


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