Friday, 19 March 2010

Half Way There.... but where is there???

Sorry for my lack of posts recently, I have been inundated with various exams and travelling back home for a few days over our Easter break.

Lots to do in the next 5 weeks until the the final part of my course begins at Tante Marie, The first of which is work experience at a 5* hotel in Surrey. They have a variety of restaurant options including a Michelin Star restaurants... and lucky me will get to work in them all for free! That's right, I don't have to pay them for the privilege and they don't have to pay me for it either... a truly win win situation!

So that should be something to write about and hopefully you will find as interesting as I will. I also have a post about a meat lecture we had at school I need to blog, as well as my adventures into the world of Sourdough... which has even earned me an actual paying customer for my creations, a teaser of which you can see above and below! Winner winner chicken dinner! (since I only charge cost price its nothing to write about really... I just wanted to boast a little :-D

Also I will be exploring the world of freshly made Croissants... I have tried it twice with two different recipes and both had failings... when I post it will be MY recipe... so I guess I best make them so good even my mother would approve!

Well thats it for now... busy busy as always, see you soon!



  1. Quality not quantity Dylan!
    I wish I could buy one of your lovely sourdough loaves too!
    I do look forward hearing about the interesting things you are doing!

  2. Your sourdough loaves look gorgeous. Sourdough frightens me (I know, pathetic), I think it's the fact that I might have to make an effort and keep a starter alive when I've actually managed to kill a cactus.

  3. I know you're busy but don't forget you have an eager audience hanging on every word and desperate for the next instalment!

    I've followed your onion cooking tips for very successful and tasty French Onion Soup and Onion gravy for sausages, I realise I was never cooking them enough before.

    The work experience sounds great!

  4. Thanks for the comments, Brightlight glad the onions are working for you. When I did my ski season I challenged myself to cook the onions longer and longer each week I made the soup... glad you are having success with it and applying it to other things like the gravy!

    Angeltreats... give it a go. If you kill the ferment, although it is technically an act of genocide you wont end up in front of a war crimes tribunal! Its easier than it sounds... plus I have a way to preserve some ferment so if you do kill it, most of the work to recover it is done. Look out for the post.

    Will do my best to keep the posts flowing!


  5. Fun blog! Sometimes hard to find a food blog with good writing but your is hilarious. Awesome.


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