Monday, 8 March 2010

Exam results are in - Budget Lunch

Well that was quick!!!

Exam results were posted today at Tante Marie for the Budget Lunch task we undertook last week, and I was able to improve on my previous score of 74% and pulled in a not too shabby 81%.  Very pleased with myself, the 28hrs it took to make my three different stocks (chicken, veal and lamb) and combine and reduce them into one for my 'shepherds shepherd pie' seems to have paid off.

It was a far from perfect performace... I f***ed up my bread again, slightly over seasoned my soup and meat base for the shepherds pie and used a few unseasonal ingredients (peas* and mango) but lesson have been learned and will be taken into next terms exams.  At least I know I have more in the tank and can hopefully tap into this next term.

So I am celebrating tonight with a take-out curry, my first in 3 months which is an achievement in itself!  I guess the result means I am going to have to work harder to try and stay were I am, its going to be tough as there a few people nibbling away at my toes who have their eyes set firmly on the 'prize'.  Should be fun!

For now at least I can feel like Maverick here...


*I originally wanted to make a seasonal soup but ran into supplier issue, I had intended to make 'celeriac veloute with curry scented crouton's instead of the 'pea and bacon cream soup'... however the two local supermarkets aren't stocking celeriacs!


  1. Congratulations Dylan on your very good result.

  2. Congrats on your results! I had a look at your blog, since you followed me on twitter, I thought I'd become a follower on your blog as well. I like your blog, and the food you make is simply great!I hope I will get to see more of it.

    Hope you will like mine as well, though I am not a chef, just a mum with the passion of cooking.
    Annalisa from Italy

  3. Well done! I'm happy for you. I say, so what if they're not seasonal; sometimes good food is just good food, no matter what is the season.
    Enjoy your curry!

  4. Well done Dylan!! Dead pleased for you! :D

  5. Well done Dylan, great marks!!

    And I feel criticising the peas as unseasonal is a little unfair, peas being the first and most successful frozen vegetable ever, and fresher than 'fresh' peas.

    As for mangos being out of season I can assure you and your exam markers that mangos are very much in season at the moment in S Africa where I am at the moment, in fact I chomped my way through a delightfully tasty and juicy one only yesterday. They're not a UK fruit so where does 'unseasonal' come into it? We demand a re-mark!!!

    I sometimes think the purists get a little up their own backsides sometime.

  6. Thanks for all the comments guys! I celebrated with my first take out curry since starting the course... it was divine!

    Brightlight... my thoughts exactly but I can understand the examiners point of view. Pea soup is a summer dish whether peas are available all year round is irrelevant... your point about mangos is also in line with being my own, I guess with it being a summer fruit I should use it in our summer.

    He was trying to get me to think about seasonality more because of the type of restaurant I want to work in and kind of food i want to cook when I leave.

    Seasonality will be a massive factor in our celebration lunch in a few months time.


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