Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Budget Lunch Exam... and one pic!

Just got in from Tante Marie.

Today I had my “Budget Lunch Exam”... you can read about the criteria in my last post here.

Just a quick post to say that all went well, a couple of issues but most were ironed out to my satisfaction, such as forgetting to add a teaspoon of flour to my browned meat to thicken the gravy-like juices... so I had to make a buerre manie. My soup was slightly over seasoned to my taste, although other students said they liked it and a few others like the soup being too smooth.... anyway... unfortunatley my memory card is showing an error and I cant get many of my pics off at the moment, will update if I sort it out

In my previous post I gave you the menu but undersold it somewhat, so I thought I would oversell it now so you can see the additions you would have got but did not expect.

Undersold Menu -
Pea Soup
with bread rolls

Shepherds Shepherd Pie

Mango Rice Pudding
Oversold? Menu - 
Garden Pea Soup
with a smoked bacon infused cream and
pain d'epi

Shepherds Shepherds Pie
with freshly minced lambs breast, heart, sauteed kidneys,
caramelised onions and a veal and lamb jus.  
Served wth garden fresh green beans and carrots vichy.
Kaffir Lime Leaf Rice Pudding,
served with caramelised mango on puff pastry arlettes
and a mango sauce.

Fortunately I have a picture of the desert with is the only 'looker' on the menu.  Baring in mind it was supposed to be a family meal I didn't want to go crazy on the presentation front.  The soup was served in a soup terrine with a jug of the smoked bacon cream on the side, allowing for guests to make it as bacon like as they chose... or not!  The Shepherds Pie was sever in individual ramekins with the potato piped on top, the carrots and green beans were served in mini rectangular Le Creusets dishes and the desert yo can see below.  The rice pudding is in the glass, topped with a little mango sauce and a sprinkle of the arlettes that had broken up (they are sooo delicate), the caramelised mango is sat on the arlette biscuit and there is a little dribble of mango sauce on the plate... because that's what you do to make it pretty is it not?  ;-)

All in I was fairly happy with how it went, my bread was a let down again, I think I will stick to making it home rather than in exams where I can take all the time in the world to knead it!

As for Top Gun and there being no points for second place, I think I will have to make do with no points.  It was good but it was not flawless so I am expecting a good grade.... just not the spectacular one I would have liked... oh well, will just have to wait for the Celebration Lunch next term and do it all over again!!!



  1. Looking good Dylan! Great attitude, I'd be happy with that menu :D

  2. I think it looks fabulous... you would get an A from me! :)

  3. I think it proves your point of under-selling versus over-selling.

    Your dessert presentation looks nice. I find presentation so hard, I am too much of a homely cook I think.

  4. Now I can see what you mean by "underselling" in your previous posts and how your small (?!?!) surprises make all the difference, especially, in terms of taste
    Well done!

    PS: We want to see more pictures!!

  5. Congratulations! I must say I love the word picture given with your 'oversold' menu!

  6. Thankyou everyone for your positive comments!

    Jutta - presentation is something I am trying to work on as it doesnt come naturally to me at all. Was happy with the desert... apart from that one piece of mango that is out of place!

    Yiorgos - Whats better than getting something you didnt expect (in a good way)??? I'd much prefer to undersell a menu than oversell it. Imagine if I used the oversell menu and a price of £2 per person next to it, most would freak out as they would be worried about where the food has come from! More pics tonight if I can get them off corrupted memory card.

    Joy - I hate the word picture you speak of, only because it leaves no room for surprises. It does sound tasty though! ;-)

  7. Yum... That looks fantastic Dylan. Yes, the mango sauce dribble is very chef-y (and that's a good thing).


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