Monday, 26 April 2010

Growing your own micro leaves - UPDATE 1

Speed salad mix on the left hand side colum taking Woking by storm... Garlic chives on the right are drunk and sprouting upside down. The wild rocket 2nd from right making a noteworthy worthy effort, and 2nd from the left, red veined sorrel is a non starter so far!

The leaves are taking a little longer to grow than I originally anticpiated. Although we have had some lovely 
weather over the last 6 days it has been a little on the cool side which I believe will inhibit the growth rate.  I have also moved the tray onto a window sill on the staircase where I won't forget about them.

Nonetheless there are signs of life with the “speedy salad mix” seeds living upto there name having pulled off a fantastic first leg. Not a huge distance behind is the wild rocket which is growing steadily and evenly across the two jobbies of soil. The garlic chives have just sprouted, however a few seem to be growing upside down at the moment... pissheads.

Over in the egg tray the Japanese Mizuna leaves are the only ones making

an effort, and its a poor one at that. Come on you egg tray guys, don't let the team down!

Top right - Japanese Mizuna leaves making a small effort.  Bottom left - Dead Lady Bird... will that become organic plat food when it decays... answers in the comments section please!

And finally the peas are joint last at present having yet to make a move. They were planted the deepest and will probably have the longest germination time despite the 24hrs of soaking they received.

Well that completes the round up of the action in sunny Woking, tune in soon for the latest on this fascinating event.  Its exciting times around here right now.... seriously!



  1. There is nothing more appetising that pictures of dirt in egg boxes! But actually fascinating all joking aside. We tried window box beets and rockets but swiftly forgot about them. The same boxes are now coming through with dandelions as well this year so extra bonus plants for laziness.

  2. Do the decent thing Dylan and give that Ladyird a christian burial.

    The micro leaves are certainly coming along. Does the noise of them growing keep you awake at night? Maybe what we need is 'Micro Leaves Cam' so we can keep an eye on them day and night.....

  3. Dylan, I'm going to try to grow this too!!!

  4. Brightlight - I will see what I can do in regards to the cam.

    Sara - give it a go. I have been saving all sorts of yoghurt pots and coke bottles to use as planters for when I up my harvest as the weather warms up.

    Paul - all you need now is some burdock roots to turn up in you window box and you could make a refreshing beverage

  5. Hi Dylan, this is in regards to the Chocolate Bread post you made on the David Lebovitz blog. I didn't know where else to post it as I thought it would get lost over there.

    You were looking for a chocolate sourdough recipe, this is a great site for bread making and looks like a great recipe too :

    There is also a rule that you can add up to 10% (of your dough weight) of sourdough to any bread recipe.

    Good luck!

  6. Ransom,

    Thanks for the heads up... will definitely pay the site a visit and check out that recipe. I like the sound of the 10% rule... that's my kinda rule!



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